NFT REAL protocol

2 min readAug 31, 2023


Attention, art enthusiasts! Prepare yourselves for a groundbreaking innovation that will revolutionize both the NFT space and the traditional art market.

REAL stands for Reliable Electronic Artwork Ledger

Artrade proudly introduces the REAL feature, a pioneering protocol that seamlessly integrates NFT technologies into real-life applications and the realm of traditional art. This game-changing advancement empowers collectors and artists to associate their physical artworks with NFT authenticity and ownership certificates, opening up a world of possibilities for the art community.

In the art world, the authentication and verification of physical artworks have long posed challenges.
Artrade’s REAL feature provides an ingenious solution to this age-old problem. By bridging the gap between physical art and the digital realm through NFT technology, we establish an unalterable and traceable record of ownership and authenticity. This not only enhances trust but also drastically reduces the risk of fraudulent activities plaguing the art market.

But the REAL feature’s impact reaches far beyond authentication alone. By introducing this innovative protocol, Artrade reduces the need for intermediaries such as auction houses and galleries. Artists can now directly sell their physical artworks to collectors, forging a direct connection that frees them from middlemen. This paradigm shift empowers artists to retain more control over their creations and enjoy a larger share of the profits.

Moreover, the incorporation of NFTs into the REAL feature bestows unprecedented value and liquidity upon physical artworks. By digitizing these assets and facilitating their seamless tradability and transferability, Artrade increases their desirability and accessibility. Collectors can now experience the thrill of owning unique physical artworks while benefiting from the advantages of digital tokenization.

Artrade’s REAL feature not only represents a transformative solution for the art world but also signifies the adaptation of NFT technologies to real-life usage. This groundbreaking protocol spearheads a new era of innovation, where traditional art and cutting-edge digital advancements harmoniously coexist.

Artrade’s REAL feature is a game-changer that reshapes the landscape of art collecting, curation, and selling. It introduces an innovative protocol that enables NFT technologies to seamlessly merge with the traditional art market, solving authentication challenges, eliminating intermediaries, enhancing value and liquidity, and embracing the limitless possibilities of technological advancement.

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