Listing on MEXC, John Hamon on Artrade, and more.

2 min readMar 6, 2024


As the first NFT marketplace for Art Real-World Assets, we’re turning tangible art pieces into on-chain assets, marking a significant evolution in how art is collected, verified, and owned. Our approach targets the vast potential of the $550 billion art market, setting a new standard against the $25 billion NFT market. The result? A stunning growth of +330% in three months for $ATR, reflecting the burgeoning interest and confidence in our platform and its offerings.

Drops and auctions

Our roadmap is bursting with ambitious plans, from allocating a substantial marketing budget to attract collectors and influencers, to exclusive drops with renowned artists like Leo Caillard, Lionel Deluy and John Hamon.

The recent auction of “Laocoon Wave” by Leo Caillard, concluding with a winning bid of 8250 USDC from the Artrade DAO, exemplifies the unique opportunities $ATR token holders have to own a piece of art history.

The raffle for this masterpiece is scheduled for mid-March, with details forthcoming (for token holders only).

Listing on MEXC

We’re excited to share the listing of $ATR on MEXC, recognized among the top 10 exchanges globally for its competitively low transaction fees. This significant step forward marks $ATR’s increasing prominence and accessibility across international markets, reflecting a broader acceptance and interest in our vision.

This milestone, coupled with our continued efforts to secure a place on a top 5 exchange by year-end, underscores our commitment to elevating $ATR’s profile and liquidity.

Looking ahead: innovation, growth, and community

As Artrade continues to grow and innovate, we remain dedicated to our community of token holders, artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. Our journey is fueled by the belief in a more inclusive, transparent, and accessible art market, empowered by blockchain technology. The listing on MEXC, collaborations with artists like John Hamon, and the continuous development of our platform are just the beginning.




Artrade is an all-in-one art platform, secured by blockchain technology, helping creators sell their work at fair prices and connect with their community.