Artrade’s crazy month: ATH, 3 listings, French government recognition, Solana foundation official welcome.

2 min readApr 16, 2024


Artrade continues to drive forward in its mission to meld the art world with blockchain technology, achieving significant milestones that underscore our commitment to innovation and community building.

Strategic exchange listings, ATH and accelerated growth

This past month has been a transformative one for Artrade, marked by our listings on several key centralized exchanges (CEXs) including, AscendEX and Coinstore. These strategic listings have significantly bolstered $ATR’s visibility across the global market, facilitating access to new users and investors. As a result of these efforts, our $ATR holder count has impressively more than tripled. The excitement within our community has palpably increased, as reflected in the over 1,000% rise in $ATR’s value over a short span, demonstrating the strong market faith in what Artrade is building.

$ATR has reached an All Time High of $0.1 per coin this month!

Recognition and commitment to excellence

Our innovative approach and dedication have also been officially recognized, with Artrade receiving a special status from the French Ministry of Research as an young innovative R&D company (Jeune Entreprise Innovante). This recognition is a reflection of our hard work and the potential impact of our project on the art and blockchain landscape.

This approach also gifted us with an official “Welcome” by the Solana Foundation itself.

As we continue to expand our platform and explore new collaborations, our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology with art remains stronger than ever. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are dedicated to pursuing them with the same vigor and passion that have brought us to this point.

Innovative features and new art market frontiers

Innovation remains at the core of Artrade’s strategy. Looking ahead, Artrade is setting the stage for groundbreaking possibilities with the potential for trading fractionalized Art Real World Assets (RWA). This initiative aims to democratize access to valuable art pieces, allowing users to own shares of master’s paintings or historic museum pieces, with the ease of high liquidity associated with an interesting yield. These prospects open up new avenues for investment for our community of holders.

Looking forward

Artrade stands at a pivotal moment, poised for even greater expansion and innovation. Our roadmap is filled with ambitious plans that promise to enhance user engagement, broaden market reach, and transform the way art is traded and enjoyed. As we move forward, we invite our community to join us in this exciting journey, contributing to and benefiting from the evolving landscape of art and technology.




Artrade is an all-in-one art platform, secured by blockchain technology, helping creators sell their work at fair prices and connect with their community.