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Art Blockchained: a manifesto

2 min readMay 22, 2023


Welcome to a world where art transcends boundaries and embraces a new era of limitless creativity. Blockchain technology is reshaping the art landscape, and together, we’re at the forefront of this transformative wave. This manifesto celebrates the disruptive power of blockchain and its profound implications for the world of art.

At its core, this revolution is about democratization. No longer will a select few hold the power to determine an artist’s worth. With blockchain, the power shifts to the artists, and art lovers themselves. It’s a celebration of every individual’s creative spark, an invitation to unleash their unique visions upon the world.

Yet, amidst this explosion of artistic expression, a challenge arises: navigating the vast ocean of art that emerges. Curation becomes crucial in this landscape, acting as a guiding light amidst the myriad of trends, creations, and bold experiments. It is through curation that we discover the most remarkable works and find meaning in this abundance of artistic possibilities.

This is where Artrade steps in, as a pioneering NFT marketplace, redefining the art curation experience. We recognize the need for new tools and models that empower curators to showcase their discerning eye for talent, uncover opportunities, and champion artistic innovation.

However, let us not confine this revolution solely to digital art. The potential of blockchain extends to physical artworks as well. NFTs breathe new life into traditional forms, opening up unprecedented possibilities. It’s a harmonious blend of the tangible and the digital, transcending boundaries and propelling art into uncharted realms.

In this brave new world, the art of curation itself undergoes a profound transformation. Curators become the torchbearers of discovery, armed with Artrade’s innovative tools. They curate not only digital masterpieces but also physical wonders, guiding collectors through a tapestry of artistic expression. With Artrade as their ally, curators ignite inspiration, fostering a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures artists and captivates art enthusiasts.

Let it be known that the blockchain revolution in art is not a passing trend but a seismic shift of epic proportions. It champions the empowerment of artists, the enrichment of collectors, and the evolution of curation. Artrade spearheads this movement, paving the way for artists, collectors, and curators to redefine the very essence of creativity.

Join us in this transformative journey as we embrace the power of blockchain in art — a symbol of freedom, innovation, and limitless possibilities. Together, we will shape a future where creativity knows no bounds, where artists thrive, and where art captures the hearts and minds of generations to come.

The blockchain revolution in art has only just begun. Are you ready to embrace it?




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